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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don't Cry For Me Bangalore

So, Kate happened to be here for "pay day."

Once a month we pay our household and the PMI staff. Carl happened to be out of town for this particular pay day so I was in charge on both fronts. There is a lot of distributing and labeling of money. Some had be put in a bag to be delivered and some had to have notes attached to it because household staff can be frisked upon exit from the compound and they need proof that they are carrying their salary. It's a hoopy as our friend LaDonna would say.

So after Kate watched me pay all these people, she said, "Wow, quite an empire you have here Grace." (We did have her over for her sense of humor)

It's true. I really do. And it will be hard to say good bye to all of them. In truth they are all honest and reliable and very kind to our kids and that's why we love them. We also love them because they take some of the burden of daily chores off of us (let's be honest, me) which is great when there aren't any modern conveniences to help with those chores.

So yes, I will miss my little empire when I get back to Dallas and have to start doing all the chores myself. No one to do the dishes, no one to run errands for me, no one calling me madame.

Also no poo in the water you know....home sweet home.


  1. hi grace! i found your blog thru a comment on melissa hill's. when i saw "grace" and "india" i thought it might be you.

    we are back at pcpc and prayed for you guy's transition back during sunday school this week. do you remember me from back in the day?

    looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon!


  2. I'll do your dishes......just come home!!!!!!! :)